Yes They did. Made it home to Georgia

We did got here three weeks ago today, the first week was very busy then the Friday after getting here we had a sick bug jump on the both of us and it has really put some don’t cares on us. Guess we were lucky to be in good health the whole time in Texas (1& 1/2Yrs) to come home and catch the crud. We had new Tile put throughout our home right before returning and I guess that taking out the old carpet and stirring up the dust that had been setting so long it triggered these bad bugs.

I will try to get some pictures and post in a couple. Have been getting rain most daily since we returned and we have been eating up the cooler weather.

Hope this will find all our Gate Guard Friends find and enjoying them self’s take care and the LORD willing we will be back out your way in the fall.

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  1. Debbie says:

    Luke –
    Sorry I’ve been so out of touch and so sorry you two got all the way home and then got sick (better than being sick at a gate, I suppose, but still sad).
    Hope you’re both feeling much better by now and enjoying your summer!

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