Rain and Mud in south Texas

Trucks try to slow to make turn into our sight, The slick hill makes it very hard.Please Notice at the top of the page we now have a links page where we will try to post some of the History around us.

We have had three days and nights of rain and while it is nice for the farmers and holding the dust down for us it makes for a muddy mess when going in and out to sign in the many trucks that we have during the course of a day.

The water had went down a bit when this picture was take at times it was up on our porch

Most of the water was gone here at times its

Signing in Truck in Downpour

At times during heavy downpours the water

Our walkway along with the sign in front of our 5th wheel was under water

could not get off fast enough and we and we waded deep water. We have rather a steep hill going out to the highway and it is neat to watch the oil laden Trucks try to get up it in the rain it gets so slick the they have to back down it  several times to finally get over the top.

Burning off propane gas

Burning off Propane Gas

We do have some beautiful views at times though such as these when they burn off the Gas . Inez left this morning to go to town for supplies so we will have a great mess to clean all the mud off the truck when the rain stops. If you do not get it off before it is completely dry it is like as hard as a brick. Guess if we could get us some straw we could start us a brick business? Who knows might be a good way to help pass the time and if I could train bear and gizmo to walk in the straw

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3 Responses to Rain and Mud in south Texas

  1. Ugh. I remember that caliche mud…makes your shoes heavy and wants to suck them off your feet. Then you have to take off your shoes before you enter the RV. Did you have any new “rivers” or “lakes” next to your RV? In the next few days you’ll probably have an outbreak of frogs!

    • Luke says:

      Yeah but if you are a short person like me you can grow fast as for every few feet you walks you will gain an inch. But it is very bad to try to get off of shoes.

  2. Dora says:

    Are you still in the Cuero Texas area? We are currently in the Victoria area and would love to meet up with other gate guards.

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