We Moved about 28 miles

Yes we did moved 11 Miles north of Yorktown Texas, this site only has 3 holes to drill we have been here just over 3 weeks and they have I well drilled, cemented and moved over for the next hole so looks like we might not be here to long.

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  1. Bob says:

    We are on a gate in Westhoff. Probably not that far from you. Can you be more specific with location. Road etc.

  2. Norma Jean says:

    Hello Luke and Inez, We are new to this lifestyle and loving it. I am just curious what gate guard service you are with as I have noticed that there are so many out there. We were having trouble with foul smell and slimy water but were able to get it resolved with a company named SABAR that came out and installed their filtration systems. That systems whatever it is resolved the issue immediately. More curious though on the pay from the other gate guard services. Look forward to hearing from you soon!

    • Luke says:

      We are with gate guard services, L.P out of Corpus Christi Office Phone 361-949-6992 they can give you all the details as we are not allowed to post that on here. We started just over 3 years ago with Time Keepers and found out we did not like there Equipment so changed over to this company. It has been a real pleasure working with them as we have been following the same drilling rig and only move after they have drilled 5 or 6 wells.
      We are leaving here on the 11th going back to Ga. for a short break.
      Hope you continue to have a good experience

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