Here in Pace Florida

Lunch time on one of the Beautiful Days

Parked at David's Pace Florida

Pork Chops right off the grill Yum

Yes we got here last Sunday 4-13-2014 and have had a wonderful time visiting with Inez’s Niece and Nephew they have a horse ranch here and it has been really great fun learning what goes on a ranch. It has not been the greatest weather as they have gotten around 6 inches of rain while we were here however they managed to feed us good and tomorrow Sat we will move on to my cousins place over in New Hope Florida where we will spend about a week before moving on to Valdosta Ga.




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2 Responses to Here in Pace Florida

  1. David White says:

    Really enjoyed yall being here had a good time maybe next time it want rain so much.

    • Luke says:

      We really enjoyed the time that we had to spend with you but as always they are never long enough. Maybe one day we can return and try to wear out our welcome

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