The End of the Gig at At the Briggs Ranch

What a Beautiful Sunrise for leaving what has been a beautiful Assignment

Yes it seems as though  when they started Fracing the other well on another gate to this ranch, it messed with the flow on the well here and they had to shut in the well until they get through with the fracs and since they have three wells drilled and ready to frac within 2 miles of this well! They said that they did not know how long it would be before they started to flow this one again and they haven’t been able to get a drilling rig to drill on any of the four new drill pads here so IT is down the road for us. However Gate guard services told us that they should have another gate ready for us to start at either Sunday or Monday.

So look here we have two or three days on our hands that we might even get to go out togather and eat at a restaurant or go shopping together endless possibilities.
Gonna miss Oscar the road runner and the other animals at this location but they will survive.
It has been a great gate to work at made a lots of friends, meet lots of good people and seen lots of different stuff completed. So we will mark it up as a good experience. We got most everything packed away this evening and will be ready to roll when the people from Gate Guard services arrived in the morning.
Good night all
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