The McKnight’s Luke and Inez Making Memories

The day we returned to Cuero Texas

Well look we did get back to Texas, Had a great vacation even though we did not get to spend the full length of time that we wanted to in the lovely Lake Tahoe area. After arriving there I found that I had a terrible breathing, everyone kept telling me that it was just the Altitude (7,380 ft) and I would adjust to in in a few weeks. Well let me tell you if you have COPD you do not adjust. Took a broke tooth, Lots of test at the Doctors office and $1000.00 in dental repairs to figure it out. So we left beautiful Tahoe City And moved down to a lower location Tucson Az. Where we spent the remainder of our Vacation before returning to this land of Texas and the Gates. When I get some time I will try to update the site to include some pictures of our Vacation.

Our new front yard is Green

Wow look how green this is part of our new front yard.

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3 Responses to The McKnight’s Luke and Inez Making Memories

  1. Hello yall, glad to know we can still keep up with one another. I love this site you have.
    Keep up the good work. No, COPD isnt anything to play with. I have it also. How is Nez ? Give her my love. We love yall,
    Beverly & Donnie

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