Departed Rocky Bayou State Park 5-9-1012 We will miss you friends

The back porch of Annette's house where we are visiting Inez's Sister and Brother-in-law Eldridge

We arrived at Inez’s Sister’s house yesterday 5-9-12 @ about 11:00Am and have gotten settled in for a few days stay. Put up the Cell phone Amp and the antenna for the TV yesterday afternoon and this morning so we have great TV and so so Internet. Had a big rain and Thunder storm in the afternoon after arriving so it put a damper on the setup operation until this morning.

This is where we are in the back yard of Inez's sister and Brother-in-laws house near Bonifay, Florida

We  will keep you posted down the road.

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Made it to Florida Rocky Bayou StatePark

Yes we left Baton Rouge KOA this morning at 7:58am and after three stops along the way we made fairly good time arriving at Rocky at 1:30PM. We will be here until Wednesday afternoon (5-9-2012) when we will move on along to Bonifay Florida where we will spend some time with Inez’s sister and visit friends and family in the area. before moving on to the as yet undecided stop before getting home.

Ok stay tune check back and we will keep you posted down the road

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The Mcknight’s are continuing East, to Baton Rouge La.

We left Katy Texas this am early but not bright as it was 4:00Am to get ahead of the Houston Rush sailed through Houston the fastest I think that I have ever made it and made three stops along the 5 hour trip 1 rest area 1 Fuel stop and 1 Breakfast stop.

Fred Gannon Rocky Bayou state park to visit with friends this is were we have work at the different times

We Made it to Baton Rouge La KOA campground at 10:00AM. We hope to depart here between 7 to 8 Am tomorrow and with Gods help be at Rocky Bayou State Park in Niceville Florida in the afternoon.

We will keep you updated down the Road

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Well The Schwope Ranch we have left Headed to Georgia

Yep it all went to fast the last few days they had all three wells working with the Tank farms under construction. The welding crews the fence crews and electrical crews installing the Solar Panels and wiring. Made for a busy last few days.

We Left the gate yesterday at 11:16 am, Roger our Gate Guard Services LLC  was as good as his word he had us a replacement at the gate at 10:15 and it took me a while to finish up withe disconnect, Give the relief a tour of the Pads so he could tell people where stuff was while Inez was watching the gate. Though the garbage in one of the trash wagons. When we arrived back at the gate the Land owner showed up to  tell us by that took a while and we finally got on the road at 11:16.

This is where we will rest up at for the next 2 days while they do warrenty work on the RV

 We arrived at Holiday World in Katy Texas at 4:20PM checked in to there Camp ground and this morning the Service Person Ricky wrote up the work order for the work they will do on the Rv and we checked in to the Katy Motel 6 for the next couple of days.

We will try to keep you posted AS

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It’s Moving Down here On the Schwope with 7 Days and a Wake up

Yes we have one more week to go and we will start our trip back to Georgia for a short break, Lord willing we should be back out this way for some more Gate Guarding on or about Nov 1, 2012. We are going from here to Katy Texas for the RV folks to take care of some warranty work then its onward with a couple of stops along the way to Georgia. We will keep you posted if we have internet service at our stops.

For the news here at the Schwope they managed to get all 3 wells Fraced and installed some kind of packer on each well then ran a work over Rig on each

Welding up the pipe and fittings to hook up the tank farm to the Oil well.

and now they are Still working on getting the pipes and equipment set up for the tank farms on each pad.

Our little buddy Oscar

Bear getting warm on our latest cold snap 46 degrees..Brrr

The Flowers are starting to welt back now that we haven’t had any rain for a while and we even had a visit from a road runner today. we still miss our Oscar that we had at a gate last Spring and Summer.

We will try to update again right before setting up on the road again.

So take care and we will see ya up the Road

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2 Down and working on the last Frac on the Schwope Ranch

And the sand Trucks keep on comiing

Yes it has been rather busy here on the Schwope for some time now of the three drilled wells that we have on the ranch. The Frac Company has completed the Frac on 2 of them and at present they are working on the last one. Say they should be completed the first of next week.


Tanks arrive for Tank farm that will receive the oil when the flow starts

We have also received and they have set up the tanks on one of the pads for the oil to flow into when they start that process. Which they tell us is in the very near future. The welding crew was in today to start the process of welding the pipes up to the tanks but was put on hold for some reason and stated they did not know when they will return. Something to do with the completion of the coil Tubing crew.

Look like they grew several inches after the rain

We had another 3″ and all the dust gave up to the Mud however the flowers seemed to like it and looks as tho they grew another 3 to 4 inches from the water. We are trying to collect some of the wild flower seeds to see if they will grow in Georgia when we go home.


We have Butterfly’s every where now since the last rain the Land Owner said that they migrate through here every year There are several different colors of them

We just lost the ability to upload pictures so I will try again later.

Until  then See Ya.


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1 Down 2 to go down on the Schwope Ranch

Sand Trucks going out final time for this well

Wow how time fly’s out here on the gate when you are super busy. The Frac sand trucks rolled out for the finish of the first well. Now they go with the task of rigging down and moving to well # 2 and rigging back up again looks like now the frac for well 2 should begin on or about the 21st of the month. They take most of the Big pumps back to the shop and bring in new ones for the next well So I guess that we will be getting

Yep off they go into the dust,Or as a Gate guard friend said another-one bite the DUST

them back today or tomorrow that’s 15 or 20 vehicles.

I guess that is the it for now Stop back we will try to enlighten you.

The break for a few days will be good to though as Inez got to take the Puppies to Carrizo  Springs this morning for there grooming. I know they will be happy to get rid of some of that hair with this warm weather. We had a loud storm last night but it did not deliver much water in fact the dust is already blowing around with the high winds that we have today.




Bear getting ready for the groomer

Gizmo,Says yeah me to I wanta go

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Frac Stage down on the Schwope Ranch

Big Bull Dozer Stationed at gate to pull heavy trucks out of mud holes

We got the Frac Rig and crew in. It took some doing as we had almost 2 inches of rain right before their arrival and they had to Station a Big Dozier up by the gates to pull some of them out of the mud holes on the way into the Ranch. They have gotten set up and the sand and Vacuum trucks have stared there Routine.



Here comes the frac Equipment

So looks like the McKnight’s are going to be busy for a while.  But that’s the

way they like it makes time go by faster.




Wow Muddy road HUh

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Starting to get hot down on the Schwope Ranch

Wow hot today 94

Yes it is The Temperature Has made it to 94 degrees at the front of our 5er,That is the probe that I have hanging off the Emergency cable to the hookup. When I push the outside temp on  the thermostat inside the RV it gives me a reading of 101 Degrees and I do not know where that sensor is located. I would guess in the direct sunlight. And we have a 30percent  chance of rain this afternoon and 50

We got 9 loads of pipe to do the first frac and that is the closet well ot the Frac Pond


Well we had the Frac Leader show up bright and early this morning and a short time after that the Frac tanks started flowing in, since 9:30 this morning we have received 13 Frac tanks and 3 more loads of water lines. We got in 7 loads of water lines yesterday.

We have a Pads and roads work over crew in this week reworking same. They

Water-truck wetting down our area and road

have a water truck wetting down the roads, then comes the roller, then the blade. (we used to always call them a Motor Grader) But here in Texas they are blades. I told the water truck driver that it would not hurt any-ones feelings if he got the area around us really wet as they are bringing in the frac crew this week-end and shortly after that we will have all the sand trucks in and out daily won’t take long for it to get good an dusty.

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Change back to the Mushroom stage on the Schwope Ranch

Yep  you guessed it we had another change yesterday at about 5:35PM the fellows that brought in the water pipes  for the frac of the wells came back to pick the pipes back up and informed us they they were told that our Frac crew had been move up three weeks. Then I talked to the Land owner today and he stated that the Company Man told him that it would now be two weeks before the frac people arrive. At any rate we hope that we will get to remain here until they get started.

We have bushes that look like these in Georgia but they do not have beautiful flowers like these

At least we can enjoy the beautiful flowers that we have been graced with. Looks like someone came out after the last rain and sewed wild flowers every where that you look. I was watching the cows and calf’s today that they have on the ranch next to us and I wondered if the wild flowers caused the milk to taste sour that the calf’s drink from the Mother Cows. I know you wonder why I would think something like that. Well when I was much younger we were Beautiesraised on a farm and we had to milk the cow before going to school in the morning and again in the afternoon after getting  home from school and if the milk cow got into the Clover or Honey Suckle vine while they were first in bloom the milk would really taste sour and Mom would take and put it in the slop bucket for the pigs. I ask her once why we had to carry on collecting the milk if we could not drink it and she Beside our RVtold me that was my job and it must be done.Later I figured out if you stopped milking the cow they would dry up early and if they were not allowed to grace the flowers any more the taste would clear up. I also figured that with 9 children to raise Mother did not always feel like answering useless questions.

Well we will be in waiting for the changes

They really like the green grass

down on the Schwope. Stop by anytime to check us out and Shot leave a comment.

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