The end of the work-over Rig Down on the Schwope Ranch

Yep it all started at 3:32AM when the Flat beds came through the gate to pick up the drill pipes and shortly after that it became the normal stream of big rigs to take the rig off ranch. By noon it was all done with the exception of the internet people that came in late this afternoon to get there large Ant. About the only things left here now is a couple of lifts and a trash wagon.

The man was back in this afternoon to check out the water situation in the frac pond and stated that it looks like the crew should be in here in a few days to start that process. So maybe we will have a few days of rest before the rush starts. Other gates that we have been on for the past year get really busy when the frac is going. Spring seems to be popping out every where and the wild flowers are beautiful.

So as we move on along this Gate Guarding road. Stop back by to check on us and we will try to keep it interesting.

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Down on the Schwope Ranch The Work-over Rig is working out.

Thae moving trucks are back to move the rig to site #2

These people are working beavers they arrived here early on Feb 12 and yesterday morning the big rigs was here to move them off of well one to well two. I guess that they needed new drill pipes as they send all the old ones out and brought in loads of new ones. The Company man told us this evening that the big trucks should be back in Sat morning to move them to well three. And after three or four days there

Bringing in the new drill pipes for #2

they should be out of here. Work wise it has been rather slow about all that we have had in and out has been water and Vacuum trucks and a few supply vehicles over all we have probably averaged 25 to 30 vehicles per day.

The survey team was in yesterday for running the water lines for the Frac crews. The Company Man with them

Used for loading the large units and pipes

told us that we should be getting the frac equipment in around the 29th.

Today the water line people were back in laying the pipes for the first well. They plan to lay out all the pipe for the three wells and then just change over as they complete each of the sites.

Well I guess that is all we have to work with for today so stop back and check us out

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Down on the Schwope Ranch It is work,work again

We had checked in about 20 trucks at this point and all of a sudden we looked and trucks as far as you could see.

Well the young fellow yesterday was for sure right when he stated that we should have a work-over rig arriving here this morning around 6:30AM. We logged the first truck into the gate at 6:47AM and it was pretty much non stop traffic until over into the afternoon We logged more vehicles in the first hour this morning than we have had since the Drill Rig pulled out three weeks ago. Didn’t get a chance to talk to the Company man to see if they are

The work over rig

going to work all three wells while they are here. Maybe I will get to ask him that when he comes back in the morning or maybe the Night company man when he comes by. But I sometimes think they are somewhat treated like mush rooms also.

It has been very cold here all day today and have encountered rain and sleet most of the day and when I let 2 trucks

Very Cold looking clouds at Sun Set

in at10:35PM it was real fine sleet and the wind is right out of the North.

OK I guess that is all I have to work with for today. Till later then.

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Down on the Schwope Ranch looks like work again

Well now after three weeks of Idle looks like we might be getting back to the Business of some Down Texas Gate Guarding. Here at 9:30PM we got the first vehicle of the day at the gate with of all things a load of Porta Potties I thinks this guy is at the wrong gate. Not he informed me that he did indeed need to go to the first pad that they drilled as he had been told that we will have a work-over here in the AM and his company had been advised to have those houses here by 6AM. So waho here we go he also stated that his work mate was to be delivering some light carts later tonight. Maybe he will get here before the cold weather, yep it is suppose to get down in the low 30′s tonight with rain. I remember last Feb we was over near Tilden  Texas and they said we were going to have cold with rain and we got up the next morning with the RV and roads covered with ICE

We had 6 Turkeys visit for a while

We had some nice visitors yesterday. 6 Turkeys came by and stayed around for a good while like they thought we would give them a hand out.

Okay I guess that’s it for now so stop back and we will post as to where the work-over Rig makes it in.


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And the change has started at the Schwope Ranch

And here is the crane to take down the drilling rig

Yes it did Yesterday they came a pouring in with all the big moving equipment to start the Rig move. Yep they are taking it off ranch after drilling three wells. First went the living quarters for the workers along with all the support stuff for them.

Today they started moving the rig out and one would not think that they have so many different parts to a drilling rig.

Movers for the Crew Trailers

It was very foggy here this morning and due to the wide loads they could not move the first trucks until a bit after 9am. They went through the gate almost non-stop until 5:30pm and said that they would be back tomorrow to finish moving the larger units.

At this point in time we still do not know what is going to happen at this location after the rig is out. We have

The first of the crew trailers go out

heard rumors that they might be starting to frac the wells they  have already drilled here and some say not. I guess time will tell. Don’t know if that old saying works(Cross your fingers) or not but we will try it anyway. If not I guess we might be in the Que for a Gate



The first of the rig

So until next time.




Wow tight fit to get around the corner and out the gate

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Change is good down on the Schwope Ranch!! Maybe

Installing more support for the outgoing Rig and it might even stop the water from running under the house when it rains

Well we have had some change and some excitement here at the gate yesterday and today the folks down on the rig found the bottom of the hole last evening and are finishing up with the casing today. And since they are moving the rig off ranch and they  got several vehicles stuck here at the gate on move in We suppose that they decided to build up the road to support the vehicles so we had more cliche truck and construction machines most of the day here at the gate.

Border Patrol round up the stray uninvited

We also had some excitement from the border patrol as we had 8 of the people from south of the border visit the ranch (uninvited) today so we had a Helicopter three trucks and a bunch of dogs all over the ranch like bees on honey.

We are still in the dark as to what we will be doing at the end of the week when the rig moves out.

Truck with dogs looking for the uninvited

So till the next time stay tuned.

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Change coming to the Schwope Ranch near Cotulla Texas

Well just when you think that you are sitting in a field of clover you find out that the bees may be swarming. Yes today we were informed that our Drill rig has about another week till they will be finished with the hole that they are boring and they will be moving off ranch. The Company man went over this afternoon to check out the new site. Said it is 5 miles on the other side of I-35 on the same Hwy that we are currently on.(maybe I should say off of as we are 1.2 miles down a dirt road from County road 469)

Maybe they will start fracing the wells they have already drilled here as the Company had people in here last week Logging two of the wells and putting Frac heads on them. Guess they will let us know when it comes about. We have found out that in the Gate Guard world they sorta treat you like Mushrooms. (keep you in the dark and feed you s*&^).

Our Yorkie has decided that we have mice we haven’t seen one yet but for two nights he has been smelling and searching.

Gizmo looking for mice

Maybe if I bring him some toys he will come out

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The McKnight’s getting it together down on the Schwope Ranch, Cotulla Texas

All the Stuff out to find Water leak

Well it is slowly coming together with he new 5th wheel, who knew you could move things from one location to another so many times before you found just the right arrangement. And the poor ole motor home that we got rid of had accumulated so much stuff in the nearly 7 years that we are still sifting through it. We used to get near home about every year and always had the take home and bring back list. It seems now that the take home list was never long enough.

We had another small water leak this past week n the storage bay that entailed taking every thing out and removing the panel to the water pipes compartment where after a week we still haven’t found the leak but it has stopped letting water into the area so I am hoping that it was left over from the leak we had when they installed the washer and dryer while at the dealer. At any rated I managed to sort through all the boxes in that area and placed them back in. Keeping fingers crossed that we do not have to take them back out again.

Bringing in more cliche for the new pads

Now to our gate guarding it has been rather busy here this week as they are back at the construction of the two pads for for 8 more wells to be drilled. Yep they are drilling four wells on each pad here. They have been averaging about 180 to 220 loads of cliche per day. The construction super said today that they were suppose to be completed by this Sunday.

The Drilling rig move again this past week to another pad and have managed to get rigged up and drilling again. They have completed the surface run and have it cemented in. They are now drilling down to the point to turn Horizontal. So with the Dirt trucks Pipe trucks and Cement trucks and crews it has been exciting.


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Merry Christmas to All from Luke and Inez

Well here we are on Christmas morning and poor ole Santa is going to get very wet and Muddy getting in here to deliver our presents.

Day before yesterday it started raining here and it has been mostly none stop every since. On Friday the pad construction crew decided to deliver

Truckheaded strigh in has busted oil pan

Chechie to cover the new pads that they are getting ready for the drilling rig. Bad move as we had 1.5 inches of rain the day before and the county road from the highway (1 mile to the gate) was still very muddy and it took its toll on the trucks 3 had there bumpers bent 2 overheated from mud in the radiators and 1 got a 4″ crack

Pushing broken truck to pad to dump dirt

in the oil pan. We were to get 300+ loads however they decided to stop the effort after 50 loads and said they will try again next Tuesday. Don’t know if that will happen as it is still raining and to get to the gate to open it for traffic is a real job. The Mud will try to take your shoes away.

Reeally feel for the guys on the rig they are trying to do a wash down and get ready for a move to the next pad. And the vehicles are having a hard time of getting in and out to get the work done.

Our new diggs are getting quite a break-in also. what a mess trying to leave the Mud outside. We have to pull off our shoes upon entering and put them on upon exiting. the trip to the gate is around in front of the rig as we have a turn to the right just in-side of the gate.


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Back at our Gate on the Schwope ranch

Ok we arrived back yesterday morning at about 06:45 and relieved our great guarders Sue and Wayne (Razz Chronicles)that had been nice enough to watch our gate while we made our mad dash and picked up our new home at Katy Texas. Yesterday and today was slow on the gate the Ranch owner came by yesterday about noon for his grandson to show us the big buck deer he had shot and they were on the way to have it processed Today he came back by and brought us some deer meat and jerky made from the deer that they shot a couple of weeks ago.

Guess that we will be rather busy for the next couple days as they have cleichie coming to cover one of the pads they are constructing to drill another well.

Well please feel free to leave us a comment and stop back often as we will continue to do the best we can to keep all informed about our neck of the woods or should I say brush

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